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17 avril 2017 - 13:09


FC Wissous, from Essone department, south of Paris, was created in 1971 and hosts more than 300 members, a football school from U6 to U13, two U15 and U17 pre-training teams, and football at 11 aside with two men's senior teams, one women team, two teams Veterans and a team of "Old foots" of more than 45 years.   Fc Wissous is also a story of united volunteers who have become a true family.   In school of soccer, an institution has been in existence for more than 15 years and this institution is Benjamin dit Benji who today is responsible for the category U10 / 11 which has 2 teams and who will be in Sartilly for the 2017 edition of the Tournament .   Benji, everyone knows him at the club, both for his rigor and for his backpack SpongeBob, his humorous videos, his jokes and his charisma on the field. Educator at the club for 15 years, senior player and holder of CFF1 1 and 2. This year, he jumps the steps of cff3 and 4.   Concerning his vision of football, it is mainly inspired by Marcelo BIELSA. His battle horse is the offensive game with a lot of movement, verticality and pressing. He prefers to see his little ones practice a nice football and lose a match that the reverse. This is all the more convincing since he had the privilege of spending a day at the OM training center after sending a letter to which Marcelo BIELSA responded positively and with ease.   This day spent with the technical staff and the players was magical and rewarding and will remain in memory as one of the most beautiful memories.   For the Sartilly tournament, his team took the 12th place in the 2016 edition, Benji is therefore aiming for a better place this new edition in which the FCW is proud to participate!   Soccer is magic, thanks Sartilly and "Go wissous !!! "


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