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19 avril 2017 - 14:10


Hazebrouck is a French commune located in Flanders, in the department of Nord, in region Hauts-de-France. With its 22,000 inhabitants, Hazebrouck is a relatively important city

The ASC Hazebrouck club was created in 1943, our club has teams in all categories (beginners, u11, u13, u13 Women, u15, U15 Women, u17, u19, seniors, women) most are playing in the highest level of the North Maritime District. Today, it has nearly 400 members.


The U11 team is a very pleasant team to see playing, very hard working, at the moment we are in final of cup u11, (the final is played a week before the tournament) and will come to Sartilly with the intention to win the tournament. The yellows and blacks uniform and their young educator will be able to count on the important support of their faithful supporter who will come to give voice to the edge of the field to push their team to victory, since we will be around 30 to move.

We look forward to this trip to the Normandy region.


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