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3 mai 2017 - 21:22


The Football Saint Michel de Quesnoy

"FSM Quesnoy" Quesnoy 45 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, 59890 Quesnoy-sur-Deûle, France

Located in the center of Quesnoy, the sports complex includes two football pitches; The first in Synthetic ground new generation used primarily for training, matches of young teams, and tournaments. The second grass called commonly "field of honor" used mainly for the matches of the senior teams. A third urban type ground (City stage) synthetic lawn was built in 2009 and is located in the park Jocelyne Mahieux next to the stadium.

The club house "Marie-Paule Garot" The place of life of the WSF where we organize our meetings and especially our third half !!! Since 2008 it is named after Marie-Paule Garot, the wife of the former president who died in 2008, renamed in his memory thanks to the initiative of the first team and some people of the club.

To begin the History of the WSF Quesnoy

In 1955, young quesnoysiens who often met to play football decided, with the support of the Saint Michel family association, to create a football team. It was then that a football section in the family Saint Michel is born and Jean Vandermerch takes the direction. .

The FSM Quesnoy was born !!!

In 1959 an extraordinary general assembly took the decision to affiliate with the league of football and the district Flanders. It also votes and elects its first committee. Jean Van-dermerch becomes the first president. Several players from outside Quebec join the new local club. The team will play in the 4th division of the Flanders district and will win this year its first cup in Bondues. In 1960 a cadet team is engaged in the championship. In 1961 it was the turn of the mines. In 1964 the first team acceded in 3rd division and then in 1971 in 2nd division. In 1975 the team entered the 1st division with the bonus of the title of champion but will be relegated in 2 nd division four years later. In 1984, a second football club was created, the AORQ is better known by the quesnoysiens as the "roune quesnoysienne". In 1988, the WSF cadets are 1st division champions. In 1991 an important event for the soccer quesnoysien is going to take place, in fact the two clubs Quesnoysien the family Saint Michel and the AORQ merge and the club will be called Football Saint Michel, of which the WFS withdraws of the family association. This same year the national day of the beginners is organized in Quesnoy .1728 players aged from 6 to 8 years will participate. It will be a national record !!! In 1994 Quesnoy is in the final of the Deffrennes Cup in Gondecourt against the Algerians of Lille but the WSF will be beaten 2 to 0. In 2003 inauguration of the synthetic ground, festivities will be organized for this event.

Today the club has more than 287 licensees and 15 teams from the U6 to the Veterans.

The presentation of the two teams of the WSF Quesnoy

The U13

A team that played in Level 2 in phase one and in Level 1 on the second phase of the Flanders Football District. The educators are Jean-Yves and Lionel. For Jean-Yves, Jean-Yves has been his first year with these youngsters. For Lionel, he started at the ages of 5 and still serving as guards. The objective for the tournament is to reward our players for the accomplished work and seriousness all year long and who enjoy themselves on a Grand Tournament International while implementing all that have learned. It is an experience for the welded and who learn to know better because life together for 3 nights.

The U12

A team that plays in Level 1 of the Flanders Football District. The educators are René and Geoffrey. Geoffrey's career, player since the age of 11, seniors at the side post, are best remember the tournament organizations for children. The course of René, player from minimes, left back. Organization of tournaments for several years. The objective for the tournament is to reward our players for the accomplished work all year long and who are enjoying themselves on an International Grand Tournament all by implementing all that have learned.


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