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4 mai 2017 - 14:24


The US Saint Germain le Fouilloux is a club located 10km north of Laval and celebrates its 40 candles this season. The USSG is today 136 licensed with its School of soccer of U6 to U11, two teams in U13 and a team in categories U15 and U18 preformation U15 and U17. All our young teams are in Entente with a neighboring club however 80% of the players are licensed to the club. Finally, we engaged two Senior teams and one Vet...erans engaged in the District.

The USSG for some is a member of the family because they have been present for many years and wish that the club persists in the landscape of Mayennais football.

The will and the project of the club was to empower and integrate the young graduates into the life of the club. Today, this desire is rewarded because young people trained at the club are now members of the steering committee or youth team leaders.

Some of these youngsters as well as the "alumni" of the club will be present in Sartilly this year to supervise our teams U13 and U15 engaged.

For our U13 for example the story is nice because we have 3 leaders for two teams. Clément and Dylan, 2 of the leaders are former students of Arnaud the 3rd and they now work together with as a guideline PLEASURE. They are all convinced that the player can progress only by taking pleasure and accumulating playing time. They therefore prefer the quality of the proposed game and give playing time to players more in difficulty rather than favoring the result. It is a thread that Arnaud has always followed for more than 10 years.

In the 2016 tournament, Arnaud and his U15 team finished at the bottom of the table.

The goal this year for our committed teams will be the same as last year to enjoy themselves without lending to the results during this day and to take advantage of teams that we never play otherwise.

We are in any case very happy to come for the second year in Sartilly. We liked the friendly atmosphere last year, the welcome, the friendliness of all your volunteers.


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