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30 mai 2017 - 22:53


The STADE MAYENNAIS club is located in the department of Mayenne 53 and in the region Pays de Loire.
The club was born at the end of the 1999-2000 season of the merger of C.A. Mayennais founded in 1907 and A.S. Mayenne dating from 1938.
Following this merger, the senior team moved in DH until 2002-2003 before the climb in CFA2 for 4 seasons....
Then 2007-2008, he finds himself in DH with descents and lifts to this day.

The Stade Mayennais has several categories of teams.

- U6- U7: 1 - U15: 2
- U9: 4 - U16: 1
- U11: 4 - U17: 1
- U13: 4 - U18: 1
- U14: 1 - U19: 1
- Seniors: 4

Today the club has 400 licensees.

Concerning our team U13, in first phase she played in 1st division and finishes 1st.
Then climb to U13 elite hope and finish 2nd for an elite U14 climb next season.

As a coach for 11 years within the club, I am this 2004 generation since the U6-U7 age for some players.

For this tournament, our ambition is to go as far as possible by taking pleasure in playing by meeting new teams
And wish to show you a good quality of game


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