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15 juin 2017 - 22:41


Founded in 1897, the US Avranches is, with FC Dieppe, the oldest amateur club of French football.

And to celebrate its 120th anniversary this year, the players offered the club, as well as the leaders, volunteers, licensees and supporters, a fabulous Cup of France course, playing a quarter final against the great Paris Saint Germain On April 5 at the Michel d'Ornano stadium in Caen, in front of more than 20,000 spectat...ors. The USA, as it is called locally, particularly appreciates the "old lady of football", having participated eleven times in the 32nd finals, once in the 16th against FC Metz two years ago, you know more ...

The pennant team has been playing in the National Championship for three seasons and seems to have gone to maintain it, better than in the 1990s when the club was relegated after three years at this level. It was also in 1990 that the name "US Avranches Mont-Saint-Michel" was chosen, to give a new notoriety to the club because of its proximity with this wonder of the world!

The US Avranches Mont-Saint-Michel now has 470 licensees. The U17 years are in National for four seasons, and the U19 years should regain this championship finishing champion of DH. The women's senior team also reach the Division of Honor by winning its championship.

U11: They took part in the departmental final by winning 4 of their 5 matches. In this final they finished in 8 th position.

U13: They finished first of their two brewing hens which allowed them to play the championship of DH. In this championship they finish 5 th out of 8. They also lost in the semi-finals of the Channel. Noted, their victory in the departmental challenge and their 8th place in the regional final.

U15: they finish 8 th / 10 of DH. They were eliminated in sixteenth of cut of Basse-Normandy

The club of Avranches has three teams U 15. The first plays to the highest regional level, in DH and it finished the championship maintaining itself with the honors. The second team is in agreement with ST Martin of the fields, In the district and the third team is composed only of U 14 players and it participates in the regional championship reserved for this age category.

In Avranches, the training of young people is a tradition rooted in the club and many players from the club enrich the surrounding clubs. Also in U 15 we have players from all the South Manche, De St Hilaire, passing by Ducey, St Brice en Coglès, St James, Mortain ... the recruitment sector is vast and it allows many young people to reach the best possible level.

The whole is perfectly supervised by educators skilled and experienced, hence a real success recognized throughout Lower Normandy.
We take this opportunity to congratulate the Sartilly club for organizing this International tournament in the South Manche, to which our teams are participating with great pleasure, and we wish a very good tournament to all the participants! That the best win ...


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