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19 juin 2017 - 22:08


Sartilly is located 10 kilometers north-west of Avranches, 15 kilometers from Granville, 7 kilometers from the sea and 10 minutes from the A84 motorway, free of charge. The Sartilly-Baie-Bocage Which connects Rennes to Caen.
This ideal position has been enhanced over the last fifteen years by the creation of a community craft area, 3 communal settlements and various school, cultural and sports facilities.

The Asssociation sportive de Jullouville Sartilly created in 2001
Thanks to the merger of US Sartilly and Es Jullouville, there are now about 250 licenses, including 160 young footballers.

The club has 3 Seniors teams, the pennant team will evolve next season in R3, Team B plays in D2 and finally Team C in D4.
For young people this year we are:

6 U6 / 7 teams, 5 U8 / 9 teams
3 U11 teams, 1 U13 team, 2 U15 teams and 1 U16-U17 team.
A U14 women's team and a U17 team semi-finalist of the sleeve cut.

To train all this little world the club has two young educators, Guillaume Lesaout and Chris Marcant
The latter are well supported by President Abel Cahu, as well as the U17 youths of the club (Theo, Tol, Thibault, Benjamin, Lucas) and the volunteers without whom the club would not work.

The U11 coached by Chris Marcant for Group 1 and by Abel Cahu and Theo Lelièvre for Group 2, are in the different levels of the district, the 3 teams have a good season, the players work well in the training sessions.
We do not have a defined goal for the tournament even if we will give everything to go as far as possible, the objective is above all to take pleasure in this beautiful football celebration.

The U13 coached and coached by Guillaume le Saout, is a 90% first-year group, players are present at the training sessions, and despite half-tone results in the championship, the players have progressed well. Besides, the team realizes beautiful courses in tournament at the end of the season. Auspicious for the Sartilly tournament.

The U15 trained and coached by Chris Marcant is a group that lives well, who likes to meet and play together. Thanks to an exemplary attendance at the workouts the group is accessed to the district championship in the second part of the season and a second team was created. For the Sartilly tournament, the objective is to prove that AS Jullouville Sartilly in his place among the great teams present, we will therefore try to raise the trophy at home.


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